The following are statements made by men and women participating in Gentle Chi® sessions:

“I liked the variety, loved every exercise, the stretching and relaxing movements…. awesome.  I would like to do it every day.  Thank you!”

“Reminded me of yoga in the breathing and stretching aspects. In addition to morning meditation, it was a great way of centering myself to start the day.”

“The gentle movements are surprisingly effective and I like the meditative quality.”

“Nice gentle wake-up exercise.”

“I like it a lot, it reminds me of Pilates.”

“Great way to start the day.”

“Gets your blood moving and stretches your muscles.”

“Gentle way to wake up, also peaceful and educational.”


“Relaxing and not too intimidating for those who don’t stretch that much.”

“Helps bring me to awareness, a moving meditation.”

“Limbers the joints.”

“You can move at your own pace more or less in any of the movements.”

“Very comforting and relaxing.”
















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