The Booklet

Progressive Movements Into Balancing Your Life

(copyright ASKA Press 2007)


This first publication of the Gentle Chi® program provides a great introduction to Gentle Chi®, including its philosophies, principles, and practices.

It includes a list of the progressive movements used in the program, a description on how Gentle Chi® supports and compliments 12-Step and DBT programs, and ten specially selected meditations often used in the classes.


“Gentle Chi® draws energetically upon several movement arts, including Qigong, t’ai chi ch’uan, aikido, yoga, and karate-do.  the aim of Gentle Chi® is to reach a state of mind in which the external world does not affect your inner peace.  It is a state of mind which has been described as un-self-conscious.  To be present in the moment, in the Tao, is to process the world simultaneously.

The journey toward inner peace is a process of undoing the blocks to your inner self, finding a quiet still point within.  The idea is that your inner self is already present within, ready to awaken.  As you let go of your resistance and opposition, you allow yourself to experience another way of looking at the world and you find a way that is free from inner conflict.”

(from the introduction)

The book is provided to you as one of the many benefits of Gentle Chi® Membership.

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