Can God Be Reached Directly?

Arthur recently addressed the question:  Can God be reached directly?

A Course In Miracles Manual for Teachers page 64, paragraph 1 says:

“God indeed can be reached directly, for there is no distance between Him and His Son.  His awareness is in everyone’s memory and His Word is written on everyone’s heart.”

Ken Wapnick explains it this way in his “Journey Through the Manual”: “Even on the level of our dream of separation, (our life in the seeming world) God’s Presence is in all of us.  We not only share the wrong-minded thought system of guilt, fear, and hate, but also the right-minded Atonement, the Word that is in everyone’s mind as a memory, calling us back to the Heart we never left.

Note Jesus’ double use of the word “everyone”.  No matter how villainous others may be in our estimation, God’s memory is as present in them as in ourselves.  Otherwise it can be in no one.  That memory is of our oneness as God’s son, excluding no one.   We can thus all reach God, because that thought linking us to Him is in everyone ,awaiting only our decision.”

The Course says: “You are at home in God, dreaming of exile.”  We are part of God’s living Oneness, yet insanely dreaming of separation and alienation.  The Course enable us to change our minds, teaching us how happy we will be when we finally awaken to His Word.

Saturday, July 17th, 2010 Arthur's Letters

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