I could see peace instead of this.

I read this lesson (34) early in the morning and all seems fairly peaceful and calm; the coffee tastes good, the cat is snoozing in my lap.  Then I turn on the “news”- why do I do that? -The market is down, people are starving all over the world because of dictators, Afghanistan looks hopeless, Carl Rove is on as a guest and blames all our problems on the democrats, a snowstorm is in the forecast.

Besides the worldly issues, there are personal fear thoughts, anxiety provoking situations, offending personalities producing unloving thoughts.

This Lesson and the other 364 Lessons and the Text have little meaning and have very limited help to us if we not first admit to ourselves these thoughts and feelings of depression, anxiety, worry, attack, etc….. these thoughts are not bad nor sinful and should not be repressed, because they come back to haunt us.  The ego strikes back, so Freud promised.  Look at these thoughts; We are here in this world because we have them!!!

The Text says it is crucial that you look upon your hatred and realize its full extent.  A doctor can’t help you if you hide or disguise the symptoms our of fear what the diagnosis might be.  Thus Jesus can’t help you if you you’re not honest.  Don’t go to class if you don’t want to learn.  Denial is never helpful.

Lesson 70 says:  My salvation comes from me, and so does the Source of guilt.  The seeming cost of peace is that I accept the idea that: Nothing outside myself can save me, and nothing outside myself can hurt me.  This ends the victimization.  I am in charge of the universe.

Amen -

A  ^.^

A letter from Arthur, dated February 17th, 2009
References to Text and Lessons are to A Course In Miracles
Saturday, March 20th, 2010 Arthur's Letters

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  1. I’m looking forward to learning more about “A Course In Miracles” through Arthur’s Letters. Thanks for posting this!

  2. Julie on March 20th, 2010

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