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Difficulty In Accepting the Gifts of God – The Paradox

First:  What are the Gifts of God? – Love, Peace, Spirit, Eternal Life, True Self, Creation, Oneness.  Those are words that may be understood intellectually, but hardly experientially.  What we seem to understand more easily, are the gifts of the ego.  Some of these are: the self, the me and the mine, specialness, individuality, duality, the body, the cosmos, material things, etc. —-

Lesson 166.1 in ACIM Workbook says:  “All the things are given you.  God’s trust in you is limitless.   He knows His Son.  He gives without exception, holding nothing back that can contribute to your happiness”. …

The lesson goes on:  “And yet, unless your will is one with His, His gifts are not received”What would make you think there is another will than His?  Here is the paradox that underlies the making of the world.  This world is not the Will of God, and so it is not real”.

This is the paradox faced by every student of A Course In Miracles.  We read this book as individuals – a body’s eyes that see words on a page, and a brain that interprets them.  At the same time, what we read tells us we’re not really here at all, that all things physical are illusory.  Therefore, we typically treat the paradox as the ego always does:  split it off, and then forget it is there, so it does not have to be dealt with.

The fear is – if we look at the paradox which eventually we will have to,  not only would the paradox disappear , but so would our false identity.

Then who we truly are will reveal itself.

Ref:  Ken Wapnick’s “Journey Through the Workbook”

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