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What does your fortune say?

“No need to worry!
You will always have everything you need”


Are you focused today on what you have or what you lack?

Sometimes, when we are are struggling with the areas of our life that are most challenging, the temptation may be to view ourselves as victims or not having what we need to succeed.  After all, that view surely excuses us from being responsible for our situation, right? Well, not exactly.  We are always responsible for our choices on how we view the world and how we respond to our life’s circumstances.

I actually received the fortune written above and stuck it on my rear view mirror in my car so I could be reminded of it often.  Even with the frequent reminder, I can still forget, until something happens in life that wakes my memory up.

With the generous offer from a friend to help me today, I learned two valuable and touching lessons:

  1. When I focus on what I don’t have, then I usually forget to see what is right before my eyes.
  2. If I don’t allow myself to ask for help, then I am usually closed off from allowing myself to receive it.

Today I challenge you to think about what you do have in your life and the ways in which your fortunes nurture you and support you to be the best that you can be.  Choose today to see your life’s bounty and revel in how you can receive these blessings.

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I Can See Clearly Now….

“Take care of your body with steadfast fidelity.
The soul must see through these eyes alone,
and if they are dim, the whole world is clouded.”



Today is an historic day in the decades-long debate about health care reform.  I am posting this prior to the big vote on whether or not to pass today’s proposed legislation that will, if permitted, BEGIN the process of reforming how we approach health in America. There remains uncertainty of it passing.

There are many ways in which our view of what is healthy for us can be dimmed.  And there are many factors that contribute to or compromise our health – as individuals, as families, as communities, and as a nation.

Here is an article I found helpful in taking a step back from the political and policy realm of health reform, to get re-centered on “health” and “well-being.”  It addresses some definitions of health, touches on the distinctions of physical AND emotional/mental health, and takes a look at those things (both in and out of our control) that contribute to our health.

Mostly, for me it helped to remind me that the most important decision I can make, is to discern what is in my control and what is not – and then to decide in this moment, what is the healthiest choice I can make for me and those I love.

I hope you find something useful here:

Medical News TODAY – What is Health? What Does Good Health Mean?

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Just Dance…

I love this post from one of my Facebook friends’ status today:

Start your weekend off right. Play your favorite song and dance around your house with your love, with yourself, with your child, with your dog   …just dance…


And so it prompts a Music and Lyrics theme today -

Now I’m not a highly metaphysical man
But I know when the stars are aligned you can
bump into person in the middle of the road
look into their eyes and you suddenly know
Rocking in the dance hall moving with you
Dancing in the night in the middle of June
My momma told me don’t lose you
‘cause the best luck I had was you
I said Hey I’ll be gone today
But I’ll be back all around the way
It seems like everywhere I go
The more I see the less I know
But I know one thing
That I love you

(A longtime fixture in the Bay Area music scene, Michael Franti is known both for his eclectic, highly creative music, and for his ardent activism.)

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I could see peace instead of this.

I read this lesson (34) early in the morning and all seems fairly peaceful and calm; the coffee tastes good, the cat is snoozing in my lap.  Then I turn on the “news”- why do I do that? -The market is down, people are starving all over the world because of dictators, Afghanistan looks hopeless, Carl Rove is on as a guest and blames all our problems on the democrats, a snowstorm is in the forecast.

Besides the worldly issues, there are personal fear thoughts, anxiety provoking situations, offending personalities producing unloving thoughts.

This Lesson and the other 364 Lessons and the Text have little meaning and have very limited help to us if we not first admit to ourselves these thoughts and feelings of depression, anxiety, worry, attack, etc….. these thoughts are not bad nor sinful and should not be repressed, because they come back to haunt us.  The ego strikes back, so Freud promised.  Look at these thoughts; We are here in this world because we have them!!!

The Text says it is crucial that you look upon your hatred and realize its full extent.  A doctor can’t help you if you hide or disguise the symptoms our of fear what the diagnosis might be.  Thus Jesus can’t help you if you you’re not honest.  Don’t go to class if you don’t want to learn.  Denial is never helpful.

Lesson 70 says:  My salvation comes from me, and so does the Source of guilt.  The seeming cost of peace is that I accept the idea that: Nothing outside myself can save me, and nothing outside myself can hurt me.  This ends the victimization.  I am in charge of the universe.

Amen -

A  ^.^

A letter from Arthur, dated February 17th, 2009
References to Text and Lessons are to A Course In Miracles
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